Attention All Users, Members, Staff, And Volunteers:

Hello, This Is A Site That Is Used For The Rapid City Club For Boys X:LAB Program. This Site Contains Sites That We Use For This Program In This Area.

If There Is Any Malfunction Contact Stephen And He Will Do His Best To Fix It.

Users: Please Be Respectful To Sites We Use And To This Site. We Will Do Updates When We Need Them.


This Site Is Programmed By Skyler Barr, A Volunteer At Rapid City Club For Boys. Skyler Is Going To College At Ozark Technical College In Hollister, Missouri For Web Design.

A Former Club Staff Is Cam (James) Abrue Who Helped Him Code. This Site Is To Help Rapid City Club For Boys X:LAB With Accessing Their Computers To Websites.

Hopefully We Can Get Skyler To Get To Do More Advance Stuff To This Website.