Code is Hard. Though it is usefull. I mad this entire website with a code called HTML. it's a neat website creator. but a computor can only read 1's and 0's 100001010101111= hi i am a computor (I think). Html stands for hyper-text mark-up language. first you need a html and a /html. then you need a head and /heand in the middle. and in the middle of that is a title and a /title inside those is your title. below that you put a body and /body these all need to be inside of the greater and less than sign on the keyboard signs. in the body you put your text (what your reading now). once all thats done you can copy/paste it to a site like; then write your website about anything you can imagine like; food a buisness a show a city and anything else you can see or do. thats all for now thanks for reading!